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Design Services
& 3D Renderings

Our 30 years of experience in the retail sector can guarantee that your concept store will look lovely and will promote your products to the customers effectively. Our team of architects will create a visualization of your store, including installation drawings, construction details and rendered images to capture the best possible operational layout for your space, using the latest technology. Simultaneously, our experts can ensure that the working areas are utilized to their full potential with a professional and ergonomic design. Beyond the maximum productivity in mind, VAG Design offers an enhanced customer flow with a clever furniture and equipment placement, for a fast and satisfying clientele service.


Branding Services
and Graphic Design

VAG Design has a passion for connecting you with your customers, to get the results you want. Whether we are branding a bakery, a confectionery store or a restaurant, we always believe in using strategic planning, solicitous design and motivated writing to connect your vision and your story to your customers. We want them to look for your brand and make it a part of their every day life. Since we have designed hundreds of stores and dozens of chain companies we can point out what distinguishes you from your competition. After that, we work with you to accomplish your goals regarding the perfect corporate identity.


Food Service

Our firm can take your idea and transform it into a final product and food catalogue. Under the guidance of our chef and company founder Dimitrios Vagavanidis, we design menus and recipes to meet your criteria. We have the experience to guide you through every step of the production process, from sourcing raw materials, machinery, packaging to outsourcing your product to other producers. Moreover, we can improve your product in terms of flavor, cost efficiency and shelf life. And of course, we can strategically design your catalogue after extensive market research and new food trends in mind.

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